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#63, spring

This, that, today.

Then to get down in the dark on hands and knees.
Undoing is easier than doing you know—
the unbuttoning of a bra behind the back only
needs one hand, three fingers. Look at me. Unseeing
only needs closed lids, shades
drawn and a thought

New poem over at Almost FiveQuarterly!

Check out my review of Joshua Beckman’s The Inside of An Apple, out from Wave Books (Seattle)! Up on

I have two new poems up on The Light Ekphrastic in their issue 17, out in February! Many thanks so Sylvia, the artist I collaborated with, as well as Jenny, TLE’s editor! 

**Another book review, again by a female poet I admire greatly! Check it out! (Both the review & the book!)

** Been writing some reviews for, a site connecting writers and artists and everyone around the world! Check it out!

Check out my poem “Quit]] Luxurious Woman” in the new issue of Utter!!!

Flyer for the Reading next Tuesday! I will be reading my poem “Domed” at some point!

Flyer for the Reading next Tuesday! I will be reading my poem “Domed” at some point!

Come to the Hugo House to celebrate the revival of Mare Nostrum, the literary journal based out of UW Seattle celebrating Rome, Friday Harbor, and the seas in between. My poem “Domed” is forthcoming in this issue!

Kendra Bartell: Poet, Student, Teacher, Baker